5 Things to know about Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Facts Early Detection Informative

1. Early detection refers to measures taken to diagnose cancer as early as possible. Measures include: Screening for precancerous cells and tissue with no symptoms present like scheduling an annual mammogram. 

2. Early Detection is largely influenced by individual behaviors. Meaning, those who are able to take a more active role in their health are most likely to benefit from early detection. 

3. Early Detection of cancer may improve outcomes for some cancers including: Colorectal cancer, Prostate cancer, Skin cancer, Cervical cancer, Breast cancer and Brain tumors. 

4. Newer methods of Early Detection include: Biomarker/genetic tests, Liquid Biopsy tests and Population science-based testing interventions. 

5. Cancer mortality rates have dropped significantly for some cancers over the past two decades, thanks in large part to prevention efforts – such as smoking cessation – and continued advancements in early detection. Scientists and clinicians continue to work to discover more early indicators to improve outcomes for all types of cancer. 

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