A Testimony by Breast Cancer Survivor Erné Kuun

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Today I want to Thank the Helen Harder foundation from the bottom of my heart.

I was diagnose on the 18 Feb 2019 with breast cancer only 37 years old! ....! On the 22nd I went in for a double mastectomy. On this road you can hide all things...you had reconstruction, you can hide your feelings and worries how you feel after a chemo! I thought that I will be fine when I loose my hair , I mean it is just hair and it will grow back. BUT that was not the case. That was the only thing you can not hide. And then it will be out to the wold you have the big C!!

When I had my chemo I had to shave my hair....It was a big shock to my kids. They did not like this new look of mommy. And I could not deal with this at all. Thanks to the Helen Harder foundation I could buy a wig! They sponsored me. You will never know the difference it made. Just one less thing to worry about or to cope with or question to answer. Thank you for making a difference in so many young women's life. You will always be part of my story! May you go from strength to strength! May God bless every one!!

- Love Erné Kuun

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