Addo Elephant Trail

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“For a long while it was a dream of mine to participate in the Addo Elephant Trail run. I was late for the entries but after an email, to Sena of Addo I got an entry. I was so excited but at that point did not realise what was lying ahead. Up to this point, I have only done half marathons, never a marathon and even worse a Trail run marathon. But I accepted the challenge!! With great excitement, the planning and preparations began. I especially did my nails, booked accommodation and was ready for a weekend break away.

I did not only do this for my 18-month-old baby that I was still breastfeeding but for a friend that I lost as a result of breast cancer.

 Every one of us at some time in our lives reaches moments where we stumble and experience difficulty and pain. Each of us has to carry our own “package” How many times have I thought to myself my “package” is too tough, just to see or hear about someone else’s “package” and then to be thankful for my own little “package”

My most thankful moments in life is my health and no money in the world can give you that. As a mother of two, I believe in breastfeeding and I now appreciate this even more.

Running, just as life, have a lot of challenges and it takes courage and commitment. It is not always easy and sometimes you get a very tough race. Pushing through, hanging on and never giving up. It might be a race with yourself where you battle obstacles, a disease or just a season in your life. My passion for running has taken a lot of sacrifices, but I would like to run as long as I can to celebrate my health and to encourage those whose “package” is too heavy to carry to not give up on their race.

 Helen, your life and race were not always easy and your passion for life made you fight. Thank you for this example of living to the fullest. Today I did my toughest race ever for you! There were times that I wanted to cry and when I thought of your pain I could cross the mountain. I wanted to stop and then I thought of your fight. There were times that I asked why, but softly I could answer myself. This Addo Trail run was not easy, but I could press through and could give every step for you … because I knew how badly you still wanted to give another step in life …”

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