Thank You

We want to thank all doctors, nurses and hospital staff for taking such good care of breast cancer patients, thank you for always treating your patients with love, compassion and consideration.

While patients and their families go through a very tough time, you are there with them every step of the way. You make sure these patients are comfortable, clean, fed, have a hand to hold when they need it or just a sincere smile and friendly face.

You understand that the horror in some peoples lives cannot be removed, but sometimes it can be consoled with gentle, kind words, respect, a comfortable environment and your presence.

You have a difficult job, and we are sure at times you too can easily be affected by the heartbreak and sadness around you, yet you stay strong.

Thank you for choosing to be kindhearted and compassionate. It makes a difference to more lives than you can imagine.

Photo: Groote Schuur Hospital

Photo: Somerset Wes Cancer Care

Photo: Rondebosch Cancer Care

Photo: Panorama Cancer Care

Photo: Tygerberg Hospital


Photo: Cape Gate Cancer Care



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